Goodbye For Now



Sometimes you have to let go of things to let them grow, or blah blah blah, all that garbage talk people say to make goodbyes easier. As producer of Acoustic Comedy over the last three years it has been an absolute joy being able to bring such amazing talent to this stage once a month and watch the magic be created. It’s also been stressful, and difficult, and I’ve shed a few tears. That being said I have definitely learned a lot. In myself. In producing. In people. And I wouldn’t turn back any of those pages.

Acoustic Comedy has been a space for over 130 different performers trying new things, writing hilarious jokes, making up laughs, playing fun songs and so much more. I’ve not only been able to connect other people through this show but I’ve also been able to see people grow. Even myself, as cheesy as that sounds.

I’m sure this isn’t a goodbye forever. I just don’t know where my future is, nor will I ever find out, but for at least a little bit I need to find a new adventure. I’ll be back before you know it and I’m sure I’ll land right back in the nice warm arms of what this show is.

Thank you to everyone who attended a single (or more) show, to every single performer who made the show different and beautiful every month, to the Social Capital who gave me this space to play, to Indie Alehouse, who last year hopped on board as our monthly sponsor, to all my friends who I wrangled into taking money at the door or pressing record on my camera, to all the technicians at the Social Capital who are so patient with my insanity. Now this is the part where the oscar music starts playing. So let’s have one last great show (for now), and see where the door to the next endeavour takes me.


Love love love,

Holly Wyder

Guitar Pic.jpg


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