Featured Performer: Scott Thiessen

Scott t 2
Scott Thiessen is a singer-songwriter from Thunder Bay, Ontario, currently living in Toronto, Ontario, and is enrolled at Seneca College in Independent Songwriting & Performance. At 21 years old, Scott feels he has accomplished a lot with his songwriting and is looking to pursue a career as a songwriter and artist. He hopes he can strengthen his skills and gain new ones through school, and use them to kick start his career.

Scott was involved in musical theatre from age 12 to 16, giving him a strong passion for the creative and performance side of music. Since then, Scott got onto the guitar at age 16 and began putting music to the lyrics he had been writing. Scott’s been writing since he was 12, and enjoys accompaniment through guitar, with the piano making an appearance every now and then. He is working to strengthen his guitar and piano skills, but has a strong focus on his vocals and writing, since those are his originating talents. Some of his biggest influces include Frank Ocean, Sam Smith and Adele. Scott wants to create music like these artists, with their R&B, Pop, and Soul vibes influencing him to produce a similar soulful sound.

Scott strives to send a message through all of his work, one that inspires, comforts, and frees. “No matter what happens in life, be good to people”. This is a quote that Scott is inspired by; to bring goodness into peoples’ lives.
Scott will be playing on our May 4th Anniversary show, 9:30PM, SoCap!!!

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