Featured Performer: l’il RasGals

lil rasgals 2

Together Chelsea Larkin and Susannah Kiernan form sketch duo L’il RasGALS, and one regular sized human (almost). Combined they have almost 30 years of improv and sketch comedy experience. Chelsea graduated from the Comedy Writing and Performance Program at Humber College, Second City Conservatory and Masters Class, and has trained and performed with Bad Dog theatre and Impatient Theatre Company. Susannah is also a Second City conservatory grad and former cast member of the Second City Sunday company the Bench, and has trained extensively and performed at the Groundlings (L.A.) and Upright Citizens Brigade (N.Y.). The L’il RasGALS have been performing regularly together as a duo all over Toronto for years, with highlights including Montreal and Toronto Sketchfests, the SheDot Festival and being nominated for Now’s Best Sketch Troupe.

Though they may disarm you with their small statures and big smiles (which they make because they’re having fun, not because a construction worker told them to on the walk over), in the words of Billy Shakespeare “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” Their sketch is female POV-heavy by way of observing the world around them, as they see it, and commenting on it with humour, often of the biting variety. As a result a common adjective used to describe their humour is “relatable”, which is ridiculous because the L’il RasGALS sleep in gold beds and require an entire staff to dress them every morning.


Don’t miss out these Gals at our Three Year Anniversary show on May 4th!


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