2016 Recap of Performers

Look at all the talented people that graced the Acoustic Comedy stage in 2016. Highlighted by our three different hosts over the year, Holly Wyder, Korri Birch and Julie Cohn. A new poster and a fancy logo (created by Emma Smith).

And if the faces are too small to recognize here’s a recap:

Ryan Hughes (Uke)
Eric Miinch (Music)
Sebastian Biasucci (Stand-up)
Shots and High Fives (Improv)
L’il Rasgals (Sketch)
Moderately Oblique (Improv)

Taylor Abrahamse (Music)
Paddy ‘N Rob (Music)
Shohana Sharmin (Stand-up)
4L of Orange Juice (Improv)
Godda Kuch (Musical Improv)
National Demographic (Sketch)

Al Val (Music)
Ninique (Music)
Richard Comeau (Music)
TwoSon (Improv)
Where on Earth is Cameron Samdiego (Sketch)
Hot Roots Hot Damn (Improv)
Jaime Polatynski (Stand-up)

Scrambled Leggs (Sketch)
El Wasteland (Sketch)
4L of Orange Juice (Improv)
Stephanie Philp (Uke)
Alia Rasul (Music)
Benedict Drinks (Music)

Noah Pascoe (Music)
Shannon Doherty (Music)
Paddy ‘N Rob (Music)
Lebron Janes (Improv)
Humble Thunder (Improv)
Gutter Snakes (Sketch)
Dan Curtis Thompson (Stand-up)

June, hosted by Korri Birch
CAROL (Improv)
El Essdee (Sketch)
4 Litres of Orange Juice (Improv)
Kyle Layton Thomas (Music)
Sebastian Fazio (Stand-up)
Phoebe Elisha Holst (Music)

July, hosted by Korri Birch
Marc Hallworth (Stand-up)
Aliya Kanani (Stand-up)
4L of Orange Juice (Improv)
TwoSon (Sketch)
The Cool Time Gang (Improv)
Trevor Barker (Music)
Bobby Knauff and friends (Music)

Brie Watson (Stand-up)
Moderately Oblique (Improv)
Death Ray Cabaret (Sketch)

Andrew Moir (Stand-up)
Andie Hong (Stand-up)
Anesti Danelis (Music)
Peter Wildman (Music)
Licensed to Kale (Improv)
‘Nuff Said (Improv)

Marc Hallworth (Stand-up)
Bitchezzzz (Improv)
Life After Love (Improv)
Joey Harlem (Stand-up)
Alanna Matty (Music)
Eric Logan (Fiddle)

November, co-hosted by Holly and Julie
Lebron Janes (Improv)
Flo & Joan (Music)
The O.C. (Sketch)
Velvet Wells (Music)
Joel West (Stand-up)
Good Question (Improv)

December, hosted by Julie Cohn
Korri Birch (Stand-up)
James Hamilton (Guitar)
Hot Cousin (Music)
Eric Miinch (Sketch)
Bird Love (Improv)
Holly and Dale (Improv)

Of course we couldn’t do it all without the Social Capital Theatre (Thanks Carmine and Ralph!)

And remember our cool sponsors, The Indie Ale House !!

We wouldn’t look half as good without the amazing technicians who worked on the show this year, Gord Oxley, Rob Bartlett and Andrea Miller.

Plus all those friends who helped take tickets at the door throughout the year, Stephanie Philp, Scott Labonte and Margaret Brooks.

2016 may have been a rough year but we found the love through the art of performance. Let’s make it another great year!!!


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