November Brew

Our Sponsors The Indie Alehouse are a super cool restaurant and brewery in the Junction. And this month they have given us four very delicious beer for our raffle. Check it out!



Breakfast Porter- ENGLISH PORTER

Some beers are good enough to eat. Made with lots of oats and malted grains that give a smooth, coffee and chocolate character. There was a time when the whole world drank porters. Those were good times.


ABV: 7.2%
IBU: 55—65
Key Ingredients: Roasted grains and Chocolate Malt, Oats
Glass Size: 16.5 oz

Broken Hipster- BELGIAN WIT

A traditional Belgian Wit, made with botanicals and spices to produce a light and refreshing yet complex wheat beer.  Originally made for the warmer months, we make it all the time because we can.


ABV: 5%
IBU: 25—30
Key Ingredients: Belgian yeast, rose, lavender, ginger, orange, and other stuff
Glass Size: 16.5 oz


A hybrid of two great styles; the base of an American style IPA fermented with a spicy Belgian yeast gives this beer a unique blend of bitter and fruity. Add in the rye grain and exotic Galaxy hops and you have one of our most popular beers.


ABV: 6%
IBU: 80—90
Key Ingredients: Belgian Yeast, Galaxy Hops, Rye Malt, Love
Glass: 16.5 oz

Couchsurfer- INDIA PALE ALE

A light easy drinking IPA. Less body than a traditional IPA and made with tropical hops to give guava and passion fruit aromas but still packing a bitter punch like an IPA should.


ABV: 5%
IBU: 60—65
Key Ingredients: Tropical Hops, Citra, Calypso

Availability: Summertime.
Glass Size: 20 oz


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